Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspired, Driven, Overwhelmed, Grateful, Anxious, Confirmed, Hopeful

I am full of feeling these days. I've got raw nerve-endings, exposed right at the surface of my skin. I am prone to cry.

But don't you feel one teensy, tiny bit of pity for me. I wear it well! If anyone can pull off the puffy-eyed look, it's me. Because along with this sensitivity is coming great creativity and bravery and passion and purpose. As my kids will tell you, "It's a happy cry."

I am pushed forward by a wave of coming-together. It was an epiphany when philosophy merged with education. And now, creating a school, I am watching my teacher-self merge with my parent-self. It's making sense. It's a win-win. I am being true to my whole self. This project is myself, even if puffy-eyed. Frightened as hell, but not afraid to say it, I am learner and teacher, creating and being created.


hi. i'm callie said...

feel it, girl! I always remember this line from The Neverending Story, "It's got to hurt if its to heal." So true - especially when the "pain" isn't really pain but passion and we have a higher purpose. YOU have a higher purpose and i'm so proud of you. btw, we need to pow wow before were gone - which will be very soon. plus, i'm great at bouncing ideas off of. tell ethan to make soup and we'll have a dutton/uleners partay ;-)

Katia said...

So proud of you.