Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspired, Driven, Overwhelmed, Grateful, Anxious, Confirmed, Hopeful

I am full of feeling these days. I've got raw nerve-endings, exposed right at the surface of my skin. I am prone to cry.

But don't you feel one teensy, tiny bit of pity for me. I wear it well! If anyone can pull off the puffy-eyed look, it's me. Because along with this sensitivity is coming great creativity and bravery and passion and purpose. As my kids will tell you, "It's a happy cry."

I am pushed forward by a wave of coming-together. It was an epiphany when philosophy merged with education. And now, creating a school, I am watching my teacher-self merge with my parent-self. It's making sense. It's a win-win. I am being true to my whole self. This project is myself, even if puffy-eyed. Frightened as hell, but not afraid to say it, I am learner and teacher, creating and being created.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


It is amazing how liberating it is to a) figure out what's been bothering you, b) be with people you love, and c) do something creative.