Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June is a Wild One

This is just a quick update, and explanation of why I'm a neglectful blogger and friend right now. I am (still) in the throws of an uber-busy June. May I throw out a blanket, but sincere, apology for being less aware of what's going on around me, less sensitive to what's happening outside my own little family, and less thoughtful in general? Besides the regular old diapering, bathing, parenting, part-time teaching stuff, we've had a few extra events this month, all happy (thankfully), but all time-consuming nonetheless.

It actually began the last weekend of May, with the travels north for Anya and Joe's wedding. Gorgeous and sweet, it was a fun long weekend. It was also extra nice to have a good visit with Aunt D, Uncle Marty, and cousin/nephew Elijah that week. Next came my summer school schedule and creating a Poetry curriculum from scratch for our school during naptimes. We also attended graduation ceremonies for my school and for my nephew's 8th grade commencement. Then we had E's birthday, followed by his next-day departure to VA for Kyle's wedding. The same weekend E was gone, H had her ballet recital and extra practices leading up to that. That weekend we also celebrated my brother's and mom's birthdays. Last weekend, we hosted a baby shower at our house for Aunt Erica, and, of course, Father's Day (a brunch with E's Dad, a dinner with my family). This weekend, our whole family takes part in Amy and Jason's wedding (I sing, H is a flower girl, J is the ring bearer, E does a reading and bakes decorative loaves of bread for tables). Since I'm singing, the past month has been peppered with a few practices with the piano man to help us gel before the big day. The other task at hand has been trying to find natural alternatives for Jack's eczema, as it seems to get only worse and more bothersome, and traditional treatment (topical steroid creams) don't sit well with my intuition, and haven't helped our boy.

We haven't used any steriod creams for about two weeks now, and his skin is definitely less itchy, but still gets red and irritated. We're continuing to do some trial and error to find something that will relieve the boy. I'm feeling positive and determined about it.

More updates to come. I keep saying I'll get back to "normal" in July. We'll see.