Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Apron for Katia

Pardon the break, it's been 5 weeks since I've had a sewing machine. She arrived back from the repair shop on Monday, and I quickly got to work on a belated birthday gift for my wonderful friend (and awesome cook), Katia. I excitedly worked on it through the week's naptimes and enjoyed every minute. Here I am modeling the apron before we went to her St. Paddy's party, where I was able to give it to her a month late. Hope it was worth her wait!

I chose a color that would hopefully encourage use-- I don't want it to be too precious and stay tucked away in a drawer. E said he likes to use his old Starbucks apron and feels safe wiping his hands on it while he cooks, since the dark green is likely to hide any stains. So, I went dark for K's apron. The rust and navy blue, along with the print of the fabric reminded me of Mexican pottery, and that felt like Katia: homemade, beautiful, utilitarian, and gracious. I also chose similar fabric, a canvas, so it would hold up and wash well.

And now, the tricky part. The flower is removable. Here I am peeling it off (it's velcro).

I thought it'd be fun to make name tags (a la "HELLO my name is...) and give her some titles based on the fabulous way Katia cooks.

an homage to her famous "Soup Sundays" and her ridiculous, rustic, healthy, soul-nurturing soups...

for a fun night when she's (yet again) hosting, and showing everyone how-its-done

a reference to our recent book club book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Kingsolver. The term refers to folks who only eat local, seasonal foods. Katia's a true locavore.

And, of course, the ubiquitous "Foodie" label, which definitely fits my Katia friend.

It was a blast to return to sewing and spend some time thinking about a great buddy. My next project is another birthday gift, this time for my sister Carie. I've begun the project and this time I might try my hand at a tutorial. That's right... a step by step instructional guide so that any of my crafty friends can make this super cool bag I'm working on. Keep your eyes out for it soon!


Mary Katie said...

I don't even have words...

Katia Clark said...

IT was worth the wait. It's beautiful. I was worried about using it, but thank you for the thoughtful use of fabric and labels. I loved them all. You're awesome and I luff you. Even just writing about it I'm getting emotional.

Catalina said...

you win. so thoughtful, so creative, so patient to wait 5 weeks for your machine. who i think definitely needs a name by now.

this gift is so great. the name tags are totally brill.