Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Prop 8 Perspectives

The other morning I received this article twice-- first, Arlene clipped it out of her Times Delta and set it on my counter, and then I checked my email to find that Ethan had sent it, too. Both recognized it was such a good argument for a No on 8 vote and I am happy to share it here for others to read and pass on.

And here's a funny (but apt) video.

Here are a couple videos of Mormons urging their church to abandon the Yes position. It was heartening to find that there are Mormons who disagree with their church on this, and that they are brave enough to risk church discipline for the sake of following their conscience.

And here's another fascinating site where vocal members discuss homosexuality within the church and perspectives on Prop. 8.

And here's a place where you can sign a petition/letter to the Mormon church (will be delivered on Tuesday, Oct. 28th, so act quickly!), and also where you can read about the recent attempts to intimate No on 8 donors to donate to the Yes campaign.